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Successful budgeting for a successful new year

Last August, I posted my four top tips for successful budgeting and as we move (way too quickly) into a new year, I thought it might be useful to re-visit them. I really believe that budgeting and how to manage personal finances should be taught in schools; they’re important life skills that would make adult-life simpler and less stressful for a lot of people.

Over the years, I’ve worked part-time and full-time, been self-employed, been a mature student, owned my own flat, rented by myself, with friends and with a partner, saved up to go on holidays and to buy things I wanted, saved just to build up my savings, had to pay off credit card debt that I wish I hadn’t built up, had to pay out to get my car fixed, and so much more. Continue reading…

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Bringing up the C-word

That’s right, I mean Christmas. I know it’s only October but there’s definitely merit to thinking about Christmas already. It’s such a hectic and expensive time of the year and I believe that a little pre-planning helps hugely in ensuring a happy, relaxed festive period, without breaking the bank.


For people paid at the end of each month, employers sometimes bring the December pay date forward. Although this might seem ideal, Continue reading…

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My 4 super tips for successful budgeting

Apart from a minority, I’m sure most students find themselves in a similar position after graduation when it comes to finances – trying to find employment; tuition and maintenance loans to pay off; student overdraft to get out of; cost of moving home or moving out of student accommodation; having to now pay council tax (it really is a nice perk that full-time uni students are exempt); and the list goes on.

Graduate or not though, I’ve been using these same tips for years to help keep my finances in check and live the life I want.successful budgeting, finance, free printable, money

These are my 4 super tips for successful budgeting: Continue reading…

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Spoil Yourself

I’ve written before about how living on a budget, even a small student one, doesn’t mean cutting out all the nice, frivolous things. There are lots of ways to treat yourself without it costing the earth.

I used to spend a lot of money each month buying magazines. Every time I did my weekly supermarket shop or popped into town on my lunch break I’d pick up a magazine or two. Over the month it would really add up. A few years back, when money was particularly tight, I set up a subscription to one magazine. Not only does this save me money through paying by quarterly direct debit, but knowing that Continue reading…

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How to blow your student loan in 10 days…

A lot of us got our last student loan installment on 20th April. For final year students, that means your last chunk of ‘free’ money before entering the real world. And for returning students, it’ll be your last payment until around the end of September.

These are the ‘best’ ways to spend your loan: Continue reading…