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About Me

I started AMII @ THIRTY in July 2014 whilst working as a UCBlogger at University College Birmingham. Ahead of starting my final year of a BA in Sports Management, I felt that being a UCBlogger was a great way to share my experiences with other current students, potential students, and also 20-somethings who, like me, were living and working in Birmingham, UK.

Two-ish years later and I’m a marketing manager in the artificial grass industry, currently living and working in the Netherlands.

AMII @ THIRTY gives me a place I can write about travel, food, beauty and other general lifestyle topics. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Thanks for reading!

Amii x

5 things to know about me:

  1. I was a mature student and graduated in 2015 from UCB
  2. I moved from the UK to the Netherlands in July 2017 to start a new job
  3. I love sports – I’m a qualified rugby coach but will watch pretty much any sport on tv or live
  4. I try to visit a new country/place every year – 2013 included Sicily, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, 2014 was Poland, 2015 was Cologne and Amsterdam, 2016 included Bergamo and Nice, and 2017 has been full of new places in my new home country, the Netherlands
  5. I eat a lot – I love food, I like to cook and to bake and I enjoy going out to eat too