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What’s in my handbag?

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I don’t understand women who carry a small handbag as their regular-use, day handbag. That just does not work for me. I need a bag big enough and sturdy enough to carry all my essentials. In today’s post, I’m giving you a look into my handbag – whilst I have a pretty large collection, my go-to option is a black, soft leather bag from Oasis that I got with my staff discount when I was a Store Manager for them back in 2007. I can’t believe how well this bag has held up over the past decade. Yes, it’s faded and worn but that adds character and certainly hasn’t taken anything away from its functionality.amii at thirty, blog, lbloggers, ukblog, lifestyle blog, handbagOk, so what do I have in my handbag…

Purses – I use a little coin purse from Cath Kidston and a business card holder (also Cath Kidston) for my loyalty cards.

Pencil case – I love this matching pencil case and using this means I don’t have to root around in the bottom of my bag for a pen.handbag, lifestyle blog, lbloggers, uk blog, purse, pencil case, cath kidstonBeauty bag – these little fabric bags from the My Little Box subscription boxes are so useful. In here, I’ve got: hand cream, lip balm, a nail file, some plasters, hair ties, sanitising hand gel, and any medication I need to have with me.

Notebook and diary – although I use the Calendar and Notes apps on my phone and iPad, I’m still quite traditional and like hand-written info so I always have a notebook and a diary with me. I always use a page-to-day view diary from Paperchase as they’re so lovely, inexpensive, and just very practical.handbag, lifestyle blog, lbloggers, uk blog, diary, 2017, notebook, beautySnacks – I pretty much always have some form of food in my handbag and whilst I would like to say I always go with healthy and wholesome options, today it was Haribo cola bottles! I also like to have mints or gum with me too and love Smints as they’re sugar-free but so minty and refreshing.

Water bottle – I’m not often found without a water bottle and this 500ml Nalgene one has lasted me more than a decade and is still going strong. For UK readers who may not have come across Nalgene, they are a US brand that originally made lab equipment (bottles, test tubes and petri dishes). When they realised that people were using their bottles when they went hiking because they were durable and leak-proof, they modified them into the portable, reusable, plastic water bottles you can buy today. The bottles are BPA free, dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. I also have a widemouth, 1 litre Nalgene bottle and wouldn’t trade them for any other brand.handbag-water-bottle-snacksHeadphones – The green headphone case came from Wilkos and cost £1.50. It’s such a useful purchase as it stops my headphones getting knotted and keeps them protected and clean. I’m a big fan of Skull Candy headphones and have a large, fold-up pair from them as well as these ear bud ones.

Tech – although this bag is big enough to fit my Macbook Air, I tend to just have my phones, iPad and bluetooth keyboard with me (the iPad keyboard doesn’t react quick enough for my typing so a separate keyboard is really helpful). I have a work phone and a personal phone and whilst it’s annoying to have to carry two, I’d rather that than be contactable for work at all times – love being able to switch off my work phone once my work day is over; I work for an international company so often get emails at all hours and I know if I only had one phone for personal and work, then I’d never be able to step away from dealing with work during evenings and weekends.handbag-technologySunglasses and gloves – I hate driving without sunglasses as I get a headache if it’s even a bit sunny when I’m driving so year-round I have my (prescription) sunglasses with me – these are from Specsavers and were free when I bought my regular glasses. I also always have cold hands, so again, year-round, I have at least one pair of gloves with me (usually the John Lewis leather ones) and during the winter, I have my wool mittens on-hand too (these cute navy ones with gold flecks came from a My Little box subscription box).handbag, lifestyle blog, lbloggers, uk blog, gloves, driving gloves, mittens, winter, sunglassesWhat’s taking up the space in your handbag? What items could you not be without? Do you carry different items depending on the season? Are you a small handbag kind of person?

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