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My top 5 posts from 2016


Having re-started this blog in July, I have since written 42 posts and received nearly 3000 views. Now for some bloggers, this probably isn’t very much but I haven’t really put much work into growing and promoting my blog so I’d have been pretty chuffed to end the year with 10 views!

I love to write and to share little parts of my world with you all. Work- and life-permitting, I would like to do more with my blog in 2017 – that isn’t a New Year’s Resolution though (I’ve never been one to make resolutions).

Blogmas saw me set and complete a new challenge and I saw a lot more traffic on the blog throughout December (thanks!) so when I started looking through my stats to pull together my top 5 posts from 2016, I definitely thought it’d be all about Christmas. It really isn’t though….

  1. Why I’ve walked away from the sport I live for – having been a qualified RFU coach and rugby volunteer for 12 years, 2016 saw me take a break from this wonderful game. The response to this post was truly overwhelming; people from around the world got in touch with me through comments, social media and email. It was a really therapeutic post for me, allowing me to put my long-held feelings into words and I’m so proud of the impact it had and the reaction it received.
  2. Extra-curricular activities for grown ups – now I don’t know if the post title was the reason why this post got so much interest but I do hope everyone enjoyed reading about my hobbies and interests! 2016 was a good year for me in many ways and certainly the activities I took part in helped. They give me focus, friendship and, above all else, lots and lots of fun.
  3. My dread of a work Christmas party – I thought the reception to this post would see a lot of people disagreeing with me (and I would absolutely have welcomed that). However, it actually gave others the chance to speak up in agreement which I thought was hilarious. Not my cup of tea and clearly not for some of my readers too.
  4. Letter to Santa – I wrote this because writing a letter to Father Christmas was such a huge part of Christmas as a child and, more often than not, he would fulfil my wishes and deliver my dreams on Christmas morning. I was hoping he’d do the same for my adult wish-list but I did ask for some pretty big things so I understand that it might take him a little longer to help me out!
  5. Bumbling beauty – I am not a beauty blogger nor will I ever try to be but I love that this post is in my top 5 and I thank you all for reading it and laughing along with me and my ineptitude. I recently bought a new Benefit blusher (FINALLY finished the Nars one I didn’t like much) with help from the amazing Benefit staff (of course – as if I could do it on my own!) and it made me chuckle about how little I know about beauty products at 31. If there are any beauty brands out there looking to work with a blogger with a different outlook on beauty and understanding of products than you’re used to getting, then please do drop me a line!

It has been a good year. It hasn’t been straight-forward and without challenges but that’s life. I’ve absolutely loved sharing my words with you though and hope you’ll join me as we burst into 2017. Happy New Year to you all!

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2 thoughts on “My top 5 posts from 2016

  1. Newbie here – great round up and introduction to your site!


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