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Go-to gift ideas

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Gift-buying is a real skill; one that not everyone has. Obviously, it’s really easy when someone gives you a wish-list or makes hints all year round about what they want. But if there aren’t any clear indications then it can be a real challenge.

Not just that but navigating the shops at this time of year is just terrifying. I popped into the Bullring one evening last week, knowing exactly what I was headed for and where to get it from, yet it still took an hour of battling the slow-walking crowds and it left me with a headache!

When you’re really stuck and just don’t know where to begin, here are a few prompts to help….

A bottle

In its many, many different forms. Alcohol, perfume, bath bubbles, a water bottle, olive oil and so much more! You could even get an empty bottle and put some coins in if you know the recipient is saving for something in particular, and they can continue to use the bottle to add loose change towards their savings goal.

A book

Maybe something you’ve read and liked that you’ll think the recipient will also enjoy. A book you know they love from childhood. A book by their favourite comedian or sports personality. A cookbook or DIY/craft book. A joke, puzzle or colouring book. There are so many choices and variations out there that a book of some kind is always a great go-to option.

A voucher

You can buy vouchers or gift cards for so many different things these days. Restaurants, clothing, movies, magazine subscriptions, days out or experiences. Whatever someone’s interests are, there will be some sort of voucher that ticks the box. From a personal recommendation, if they (or you) are a gin drinker then get a voucher to go to the Ginstitute at the Portobello Star. You learn all about gin, do lots of tasting, and even make your own blend (which you can re-order whenever you want another bottle!). And if you’re really stuck, go with an Amazon gift card and let them choose what they want.

A box

This could be an empty box that you fill with lots of nice treats. I love a theme so maybe choose a ‘night in’ and fill the box with movie/dvd vouchers (or a movie you know they like), popcorn, sweets, comfy socks, etc. Or stick with a Christmas theme and fill the box with candy canes, mini Christmas crackers, a Santa hat (or another festive accessory), even some fake snow (as we aren’t likely to see any in England anyway!). Or, sign the recipient up to a monthly subscription box based on things they like – they are tons of beauty boxes out there but there are loads of others too (check out this post for more ideas).

Hope these ideas help! Let me know if you have any other go-to gift ideas.


Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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