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Christmas traditions

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For me, Christmas is all about family and friends. It doesn’t matter where in the world we are (and we’ve been in many far-flung places) but it does matter that we spend time together. Away from that, we don’t really have any specific traditions that we follow year after year.

I know quite a few people have the tradition of a ‘Christmas Eve box’ which usually contains new pjs, a movie, and a few other bits. Some people have a set routine for Christmas Day with church, family walks, a visit to the local pub, lunch/dinner at a set time, etc.

It’s become tradition in Birmingham that the bull at the Bullring gets dressed up – loving his Christmas pudding outfit this year!

bull, bullring, birmingham, christmas pudding, christmas

And then there’s also my big brother who convinced his girlfriend (now his wife) on their first Christmas together that our family tradition is to have three different roast meats for Christmas dinner, which she duly cooked for the two of them! Not true, although we do eat on a fairly exuberant scale – blame our Mediterranean heritage whereby every social situation and get-together requires a full spread of food, with enough for everyone to take some home too.

As children, we had a wonderful advent calendar hand-made by mum so I suppose that was a tradition at the time as we looked forward to having that every year.

What traditions do you have for Christmas? What new activities are you looking to introduce to make them traditions? What traditions did you follow but have now stopped, and why?

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