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Shops I’d be stuck without

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Whilst I’m a keen supporter of local, independent shops, I do also believe that there’s a place for big chain stores too. During this manic shopping season, here are a few of the stores I would really be stuck without…


For someone as craft-obsessed as me, HobbyCraft is total heaven. I always go in there with a list of things to buy and then get side-tracked by a million other amazing things. Me at HobbyCraft is worse than a kid in a candy shop could ever be. I was at a HobbyCraft shop last week and the cashier offered me a loyalty card, which I declined. I mean, I really don’t need extra reasons to spend more time and money in there!


I hate clothes shopping but for cheesy Christmas jumpers, festive pyjamas or cheap but noticeable jewellery, Primark is a lifesaver. I also have a satin prom-style dress I bought for £8 from Primark about 6 years ago which I’ve worn a few times and people always think it’s from Coast, so it’s definitely worth a look for party clothes too.

The Range

In particular, I like the Range for photo frames. They have such a wide, varied range and I love photo gifts. We take so many photos on our phones these days that it’s nice to have lovely frames to be encouraged to actually print a few and have them on display. The Range also has a pretty great homeware section as well as good toys and crafts.



When it comes to toys, games and kids’ clothing, Tesco is the ideal one-stop solution. I also love Wilkos (I know, not strictly a supermarket) for stocking fillers and always find really random, little gifts that I know I’d never find elsewhere .


Gifts for the home are my favourite thing to shop for. HomeSense is packed full of beautiful items for the home and garden and there’s always so many new lines every time I visit. I just wish there was a store closer to where I live!

free images, gift bags, shopping, gift, christmas

What are your go-to shops for buying gifts? Which shop could you not be without ahead of Christmas?

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