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In desperate need of comfort food

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There can be days at any time of the year when comfort eating is the only thing that might help. Today is one of those days…

I’ve had today set aside in the diary for weeks to spend time writing some blogmas posts and get a number of drafts lined up for the next week or so.

Then, last night, some neighbours who moved into the building a few weeks back clearly had a big night out and then proceeded to come home noisily at 4am with a good few extra people who then proceeded to scream, shout and swear at each other, slam doors, and stomp up and down the corridor for the next two hours. Honestly, it got so bad at one point, I almost phoned the police. If this had been the first time this particular group got drunk and aggressive with each other, then I definitely would have called to report it, but clearly that’s just how their friendship group interacts after a night drinking. What a fun bunch…

After finally managing to get a few hours’ uninterrupted sleep, I woke up with a full-blown head cold and feel completely wretched.

With no food in the house and desperate for some kind of cold & flu meds, I went to go to the supermarket and my car wouldn’t start. I then had to wait over 2 hours for recovery to jump start the car and I thankfully just made it to a garage 10 minutes before closing time to get my battery replaced.

Back at home with a pounding head, I keep picking up my macbook to write but I’m just too drained. The only thing I can think about is food. I’m not someone who easily loses their appetite; not when I’m ill, not when I’m upset, not when I’m stressed. On the rare occasions I’ve suffered appetite loss, it’s because things have been really, really bad.

For me, comfort food is about eating things which make me feel warm and fuzzy. Which give me a feeling of being wrapped in a big, fluffy blanket. Although I do eat chocolate and confectionery, I’m much more of a savoury person so my comfort food list includes:

  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • any kind of hearty, meaty casserole
  • tortilla chips and dip
  • full roast dinner
  • rice pudding with a good sprinkle of mixed spice stirred in
  • chilli con carne with loads of grated cheese and a big spoonful of yoghurt
  • custard on any kind of hot pudding – apple pie, strudel, sponge pudding, etc
  • chicken soup – using a broth made from the leftovers of a roast chicken with carrots, white cabbage and spaghetti/noodles
  • steak and ale or chicken and mushroom pie

The list could go on! Basically, comfort food for me is all about warm, hearty meals – often ones which remind me of food my mum, dad or Grammie cook which makes a dish feel even more comforting, after all there’s nothing more I want when I’m feeling poorly than to be looked after and given a big old hug.

What are your go-to comfort food options? Any tried and tested food remedies to make you feel better when you’re battling a winter cold?


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