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Why I don’t have a niche

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I originally started this blog in 2014 as part of the UCBloggers. Sorry to those who already know this story but here’s a little recap…Myself and 3 others were the first wave of UCBloggers, employed by University College Birmingham to write about student life. We were on different courses and at different stages of our degree programmes and were encouraged to write about our experiences as students, at UCB, living in Birmingham, etc. After writing for a year, I finished uni, graduated, started work and stopped blogging.

12 months later and I’d really missed it so I re-started this blog and decided to continue writing about a variety of topics and about life in general, thus gaining the label of a ‘lifestyle blog’.

So, what exactly is a lifestyle blog?

Well, there are millions of blogs out there which have a particular niche. Blogs that focus solely on beauty, or health & fitness, or being a mum, or travel, or clean/vegan/gluten free/dairy free eating, or whatever other niche themes people choose to write about (including blogs about blogging!).

A lifestyle blog tends to encompass a wider range of themes and focuses on different aspects of life, rather than just one.

Whilst I enjoy reading helpful beauty tips (although they’re usually a little lost on me – check out this post for an explanation), seeing what the latest fitness ‘gurus’ are saying, finding (and making use of) incredible recipes, and getting endlessly lost in posts full of beautiful images of places I’d love to visit, I’ve always struggled to find blogs I can relate to more regularly.

Blogs which feel more like ‘real life’; blogs which I can’t wait to read every single time a new post is added; and which feel familiar, knowing that someone else is experiencing similar things that I am – city living, trying to build a career, being 30-something, being single in my 30s, balancing friends, family, work and (I hate this phrase) ‘me time’, travelling for work and for pleasure, trying really hard to cook healthy, balanced, yummy meals, and generally just living a pretty regular life.

For me, a lifestyle blog works. I do sometimes feel pressure to create a niche for my blog but my life is about so much more than just one thing, and I have no doubt yours is too. I love being able to share both the regular and the random happenings in my little world.

From the feedback I get about my blog, from strangers, family and friends, it certainly seems as though my posts are enjoyed by a pretty diverse group and I can’t even describe how much I appreciate that. It will also forever blow my mind every time my blog stats show that someone from a different country has been on my blog – makes me realise it really isn’t just my nearest and dearest popping over!

Sometimes it’s nice to just share my life and thoughts and sometimes it’s nice to know I’m providing specific tips on one subject. My most read posts since I started blogging again in July are the one about rugby and the one about beauty….like I said, my readers seem to be pretty diverse!

So that’s why I don’t have a niche. And that’s why I’m happy writing a lifestyle blog. I hope you continue to enjoy what I write about and please feel free to comment on and share my posts, or drop me an email anytime.

macbook, diary, blog, 2016, notebook, planning, writing

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Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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