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When does Christmas officially start?

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote ‘Bringing up the C-word‘ and talked about how pre-planning helps reduce the stress and financial burden of Christmas.

When though does Christmas officially start?

I feel as though everyone has different views on this. In my opinion, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday over (and as a Brit, Thanksgiving isn’t a consideration), I feel as if it’s now officially ok to start thinking more and more about Christmas.

At the end of the this week, the Frankfurt Christmas Market arrives as always in Birmingham, which for me (and probably most other Brummies and B’ham-dwellers) marks a definitive start to the festive period. Christmas light turn-on events also start happening and more and more Christmas trees start appearing in windows.

When it comes to committing whole-heartedly to the festive season though, I don’t really buy into it until December. But here’s where my enthusiasm starts to build….

Christmas Tree

I go down the route of an artificial tree – I live in a flat and I don’t enjoy domestic chores, so it’s easier all round for me to have a lovely, collapsable, reusable tree which fits in its box and stays in the boiler cupboard for 11 months of the year.

I put my tree up within the first few days of December (never in November). I spend an evening decorating it and watching some of my favourite Christmas movies. I have a mix of decorations, from things I’ve made to things I’ve been given and things I’ve bought. My most-treasured item though is a beautiful glass tree topper which we’ve had for many years as a family and which my mum gave to me when I first had my own home and my own Christmas tree.

christmas tree, christmas decoration, family, tradition, christmas, festive

My tree then always comes down on or just before the Twelfth Night (so no later than 6th January).

Christmas Jumpers

I love a festive jumper and I tend to buy a new one in November, ready for wearing in December. If I don’t manage to get one early, then not to worry, I have a growing collection from previous years to wear for the time being!

christmas, festive, christmas jumper, clothes, fashion, primark

Glühwein (aka mulled wine)

I spent my early years living in Germany so the smell (and taste) of Glühwein causes the biggest hit of Christmas nostalgia for me. I love a home-made batch of this deliciously warming beverage, although I have also become quite partial to mulled cider in recent years too. (recipes for both of these drinks to come in one of my Blogmas posts during December)

Christmas movies

I love cheesy movies. You know the kind…Channel 5 provide them in abundance on a weekday or Sunday afternoon. Made-for TV movies full of cheesy romance and dreams coming true. It’s no different for me when it comes to Christmas movies. Of course, I love Elf, Home Alone, and all the other usual suspects, but more than that I just adore any easy-to-watch movie which is set against a festive backdrop. Thank you Channel 5 and thank you Netflix for ensuring I can while away so many hours feeling more and more Christmassy.

victoria square, birmingham, floozy, christmas market, christmas, city life

When does Christmas officially start for you? How do you embrace the festive season? Comment below or tweet me @amiilau


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