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The Time is Now

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I wrote a few weeks ago about the up-coming General Election and it created some really interesting conversations and discussions. Something really important which came up was that lots of people didn’t realise they need to register to vote.

The process for voter registration changed in June 2014 and now it is up to each individual to register (it used to be a single household registration which would list all names of eligible voters in that house). An upside of this change though is that you can now register online, making it even easier to do.

An October 2014 report suggested that 9 in 10 people were automatically transferred to the new system but if you were the 1 in 10 who were missed off, or if you weren’t registered to begin with, then you need to get it sorted.

Monday 20th April is the deadline for voter registration.

Registering online literally takes less than five minutes. It’s never good to miss a deadline, and especially not one as important as this.

Please, just click here now and get registered!

The good people over at Bite the Ballot led the way with ‘National Voter Registration Day’ on 5th February and the outcome of this saw 166,000 people register on the day as well as over 440,000 registrations during the week surrounding the campaign. They have also partnered with Verto to provide a voter advice tool – so once you’ve registered to vote, use the tool to help you get an idea of which party your own views align with ahead of the Election in May.

Please, let’s have one last big push to get people registered over the weekend, before the deadline. If just two of my blog readers register… then each of them gets two people they know to register… then each of those four remind two more people to do it… in no time at all, a lot more people will be registered and ready to vote on Thursday 7th May. registerToVotePageImage

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