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Hopefully, lots of you will have seen this advert: or the billboards and posters that have appeared across UK towns since January. They are part of a campaign supported by Sport England to celebrate and encourage women in sport – no matter who they are, what sport or exercise they do, what level they take part at, or how they look doing it.

I think this campaign is fabulous. I love sports and have actively taken part in loads of different sports since I was young. I love team sports but I also enjoy going for a swim or doing Body Balance. I am a red-faced, sweaty competitor, but I don’t care because I love being active. I’ve also coached rugby for nearly 10 years and this side of sport is just as important to me.

Swim TGC(Image shared with permission from This Girl Can)

I’ve always been aware though of female friends who do not share my passion and enthusiasm for sport, who were never picked for school teams so lost interest, who felt they weren’t the right shape or size to be a swimmer or a netballer or an athlete, who decided they weren’t ‘sporty’ for whatever the reason might have been, who thought it wasn’t ‘girlie’ to play sports.

This Girl Can‘ is as much for these women as it is for those who do exercise or play sport.

The campaign looks at women and girls of all ages, from all backgrounds, who have found enjoyment and other benefits from doing some form of exercise – football, swimming, cycling, boxing, running, aerobics, and many more.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should exercise or play sport:

  1. physical – can make you stronger, more flexible, and more healthy inside and out (can reduce risk of major illnesses by up to 50%)
  2. social – gives you the chance to meet new people, often those with similar interests and motivations
  3. mental – exercise releases endorphins in the body which give you a ‘happy boost’ and can help reduce anxiety and depression
  4. personal – allows you to set and work towards goals and can help set and maintain a positive routine
  5. developmental – helps build skills such as communication, teamwork, discipline, cooperation, and leadership

Let me know what sport or exercise you love to do – comment below or tweet us @UCBloggers

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