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Bargain Day Out #1

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I love a bargain and a discount and, as a student, I’ve come to love and value them even more. These days you can find vouchers, offers, and promotions for so many different products, services and activities. Its not about spending as little as possible (you can do that by staying at home and doing nothing), but about being able to go out for meals and have enjoyable days out whilst saving money.

For a while now, I’ve been planning a full day of discount fun to see how many different things I can do in a day whilst saving money. Unfortunately, the demands of uni and work have meant that I haven’t actually had a whole day off in months to try out my plans of a ‘bargain day out’!

This week, however, I took a couple of hours away from dissertation amendments and assignment writing to take a break, have some fun, clear my head, and spend some of the extra money I’ve earned working at my brother’s pub over the last couple of weekends.

With a 2-4-1 email voucher, we went for a late breakfast at Cafe Rouge. Their Full English was so hearty we barely felt hungry for the rest of the day. Cost: £7.95

photo 1(We were so hungry, I forgot to take photos when our plates first came to the table!)

Since I moved back to Birmingham five years ago I’ve been meaning to visit the SeaLife Centre, so we made the most of some Tesco Clubcard vouchers and went for a wander around the exhibitions and displays. Cost: £0 (£4.50 of vouchers gives you an entry ticket and I’d earned these vouchers over time doing my grocery shopping and filling my car with petrol).

photo 2Activity
My boyfriend and I are both pretty competitive so three games of bowling at Bowlplex, Broadway Plaza is a great activity for us. This time round, I won 2-1, but it was down to the last frame each time. Cost: £13.98 (£6.99 each to play Mon-Fri before 5.30pm – usual cost is £14.50 each).

photo 3Lunch
We’d finally built up an appetite so went for milkshakes and burgers at Ed’s Diner. My NUS card gave us 20% off the bill. Cost: £14.92.

photo 4I had such a fun time and love that it cost us less than £19 each. Once this busy semester is over, I will definitely plan for Bargain Day Out #2 and I’ll make sure it is a full day of discount fun to tell you all about.

These are a few of my money saving tips:

  • If you are a student, get an NUS Extra card (make sure you buy a three-year one in your final year of uni so then you get 2 years use as a non-student) – it really is worth the money, and this year I added the Gourmet Society bolt-on for an extra £3.99 (usual price is £69.99!), which gives you even more restaurant offers.
  • Do your research – a lot of promotions only run on certain days and at set times, so make sure you don’t miss out and end up paying full price when you weren’t expecting to.
  • Set up a separate email account – this way you can sign up to newsletters and special offer emails and not have them clog up your normal email inbox. Whenever you want to save some money, check the emails and find something to suit you. Loads of companies also send out extra birthday treats so make sure you add your birth date when you sign up to stuff.
  • Get a Tesco clubcard and a Boots Advantage card – the savings and offers are endless and collecting points gives you what is effectively free money and vouchers.

If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any great offers and discounts in the Birmingham area, then please let me know and I’ll try and add them to my list. Feel free to leave me a comment, email me at, or tweet me @UCBloggers.

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