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Always more decisions to make

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It is finally the Christmas holidays but as mentioned in my last post, the work doesn’t stop for me. I spent the first few days of this week trying to get my head around an assignment which we’ve had weeks to do and was due in on Wednesday – will I ever learn?! And, it was also time to look ahead to semester two and choose my optional module.

I don’t know if every degree course at UCB offers optional modules but for most of them I think you get a choice in your second year and then another in your final year. I’ve already written about the option I took in my second year – Sports Nutrition – and I’ll post something next semester about this year’s choice – International Marketing.

In this post though I’ll offer a few words of advice about how to choose what module you’ll take.

  • Read about your options – the UCB portal provides a load of info about what each module entails and most have a short video from one of the lecturers describing the key topics as well
  • Narrow it down – you usually have to submit a first and second choice in the end but narrow it down to start with by discarding a few that you know you definitely wouldn’t want to do
  • Choose for yourself – don’t pick something just because you know your friends are choosing it, or because your favourite lecturer runs the module
  • Ask yourself a few questions – what are you interested in? What would like to learn more about? What might benefit you later on in your degree or career?
  • Decide on your first choice – most students will get their first choice so be confident that you will too, but have a good second choice that you’d be content to study should it come to it
  • Submit your options online – as with a lot of things at UCB, you have to submit your choice online. Don’t forget to do this by the deadline!

Enjoy taking your optional modules. Often the classes are mixed with people from other courses and you’ll come across new lecturers too. I’m really looking forward to International Marketing (assuming I will get my 1st choice!) and I’ll let you know more about it later in the semester.


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