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Small uni, big community

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I love to travel and that’s because I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and finding out how other people live around the world. When I started at UCB, I knew it was quite a small university (about 7,500 undergrad students compared to 28,000 at University of Birmingham and 24,000 at Birmingham City University), but what I hadn’t realised is that it proudly boasts over 1,100 international students from over 65 different countries. This means that throughout my two-and-a-bit years at UCB I have had the pleasure of meeting so many students from around the world, and many from countries I’ve never been to and didn’t know much about. Having such a diverse group makes class discussions more varied and interesting and I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about the places my peers are from during my time at UCB.

This week, I’ve called in a couple of friends to let you know their thoughts on UCB and Birmingham.

Name: Mircea
Where I’m from: Galati, Romania
Age: 21
Course: Sports Management, year 3
How I heard about UCB: I found out about UCB through an education counselling company called Study Abroad.
One thing I would recommend to others about UCB: It is a university which performs better and better, year-on-year.
One thing I like about Birmingham: I see it as a “student city” as there are so many events and opportunities for students, even though the city centre is quite compact and crowded.

Name: Maryam
Where I’m from: Tehran, Iran
Age: 32
Course: BSc Sports Therapy
How I heard about UCB: Sports Therapy isn’t taught in Iran, and I found UCB online.
One thing I would recommend to others about UCB: UCB is a great uni with helpful and knowledgeable lecturers and there is always help available if you ask for it.

Name: Anna
Where I’m from: Traralgon, Australia
Age: 20
Course: Culinary Arts Management (doing a semester at UCB as part of my degree programme in Australia).
One thing I would recommend to others about UCB: UCB has great facilities and the staff and students are all friendly.
One thing I like about Birmingham: Birmingham is a nice city, not too busy and it’s easy to find your way around.

Three students from three very different parts of the world, studying different courses at UCB, and I met them each through different circumstances: Mircea and I are on the same course, Maryam and I took a module together in semester 1, year 2, and Anna and I both currently play netball for the university. I can’t think of many other situations in my life where I’ve had the opportunity to be surrounded by such a diverse, interesting and friendly group and it’s definitely something quite unexepected that I’ve always valued during my time at UCB.


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