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Bored? Don’t be – there’s tons to do in Birmingham.

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When I get a day off or I just need a break from uni work, I can never think of something fun to go out and do. Not enough money, not enough time, no ideas, no motivation to leave the house and rubbish weather are just a few of my excuses and I’m sure many others can relate to this. But we live in a big city, and with our university campus in the heart of the city centre, surely there must be a bunch of stuff right on our doorstep to suit every budget and time-frame?

There absolutely is! Read on for my recommendations for things do for £0, for less than £10, and for more than £10.

Things to do for £0:

  • Go and explore – I enjoy walking along the canal around Brindley Place and the Mailbox and I love taking a packed lunch and going to sit on the grass outside Birmingham Cathedral.
  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – they have a huge collection of Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian artefacts and one of the largest Pre-Raphaelite public art displays.
  • Admire the incredible views from the new Library of Birmingham – the building is pretty special, and make sure you check out the view from both the outdoor garden on level 3 and the sky line viewpoint on level 9.

Things to do for less than £10:

  • Think Tank (Birmingham’s science museum) – I love this place and on a rainy day it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon. You can get a student ticket for £7.50 if you book online. The exhibitions are really hands-on and if the weather is nice then the Science Garden is great fun with loads of experiments to try yourself.
  • I haven’t been yet, but I know friends who have and who have said that the new outdoor mini golf at Cannon Hill Park is brilliant – 18 holes cost £5.60 and its just a short bus trip out of the city centre. I really want to go, so this is definitely on my list when I next have a day off and its not raining!
  • It’s that time of year where we’re on the countdown to the arrival of the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. I spent my childhood living in Germany so the arrival of the markets brings me huge feelings of nostalgia from what I remember as a little kid at Christmas time. It is easy, of course, to spend loads of money here on food, drink and gifts but it’s also a great place to meet friends and catch up for a hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream or a yummy mug of Glühwein (mulled wine), which is why I’ve added this one to the less than £10 list.

Things to do for more than £10:

  • There are so many theatres and concert venues across Birmingham (many offer student prices as well) – check out THSH, Hippodrome and Alexandra Theatre for just a couple of the city centre-based venues.
  • Go-karting – there are indoor and outdoor karting centres in Birmingham but Teamworks Karting in Digbeth is walking distance from uni and a session of off-peak karting costs between £19.95 and £22.95.
  • A little further out of town but I can’t miss this one off my list: Cadbury World! I have visited here a number of times, from when I was little to my last visit quite recently. I love chocolate, especially Cadbury’s chocolate, and I love learning about the Cadbury history in Birmingham and seeing how the chocolate gets made. Student tickets (with NUS) are £12 and a train or bus from the city centre doesnt cost much (return train from New Street to Bournville is £1.70 off-peak with a young person’s railcard).

If you have any favourite places to go or things to do then please leave a comment and let me know – even though I’ve lived in Birmingham for a long time, I know there’s loads out there which I’m yet to discover.


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Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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