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McIntyre House

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It’s been a few weeks now since the semester started, and although I’m based at McIntyre House for all my classes, I still feel like there’s loads I haven’t yet discovered – there’s so much to take in.
photo 6

Here’s a few things I have found out, though (and a few which I’m still baffled by…):

  1. There are lovely surrounding gardens – on the roof terrace and outside the cafeteria there are landscaped gardens with seating areas for staff and students.

    photo 2

    On a clear day, the roof terrace gives a panoramic view across the city centre.

  2. Having to use your Student ID to get into rooms is becoming troublesome – mine always seems to vanish in my bag, leaving me stranded outside the computer room or trying to exit the building!
  3. There are areas which are perfect for group work – my presentation group has been able to meet with ease in one of the many booths, plug a laptop into the TV and not be distracted by others using the communal computer areas.

    photo 4

    These group ‘pods’ are perfect for running through presentations!

  4. The McIntyre House bike shed – I have heard rumours of this bike shed, but as of yet I have no idea of its location. The search continues…
  5. Plug sockets which pop out of the sofas – not only useful, but also so nice to have. There are plenty of sofas and comfy chairs around to chill out on between classes or sit and work on my laptop from.

    photo 5

    These little ports are so convenient to have around!

  6. Shower rooms – I didn’t know these existed until this week, but good to know about them in case I ever have to rush from uni to work and can’t pop home to get ready. Pretty sure they’re nicer than the shower in my own flat as well!
  7. Giant spotlights – there are three of these on the top floor facing towards panels of mirrors and they are unbelievably bright. They only seem to be on at certain times of the day and I have absolutely no idea what they are for – anyone know?

    The spotlight and mirror combination above the double staircase.

    The spotlight and mirror combination above the double staircase.

  8. Soundproof work booths – on ground floor, just behind the stairs there is a row of workstations which aren’t much to look at first, but they are soundproof and have automatic lights, giving us another little space to sit and work from.

    photo 3

    Individual booths are great when you need to sit down to focus on keep distractions to a minimum!

All-in-all, I think this new building is pretty amazing. From air-con which comes out of the floor to electronic tablets outside each room that tell you what class is due in there (although these finally got power to them this week, there’s still no sign of the schedule info at the moment). The level of detail is incredible and it makes a huge change from lecture rooms in Summer Row, which are heated to tropical levels at all times of the year and still feels very much like a school. The light and space makes McIntyre House feel relaxed yet fit for practical use and, with only four floors, gone are my days of trekking to the 8th floor for a lecture, back to the 2nd for a seminar, and then up to the 10th for a tutorial, with a stop-off at the library on the 5th and for food on 8th!

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