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This week saw a meeting for the official launch of the Easter sports tour, so I’m going to write about what this is and why students should consider taking part in tour and other non-academic opportunities at UCB; because as much as university is about the academics, for many people it is also about the experience.

Tour is definitely an experience not to be missed.

A lot of students assume that tour is only for those who are part of a sports team. Traditionally this was the case, although very little sport – certainly nothing competitive – gets played during the time away. What I learnt from my first time on tour was that it’s actually another amazing way to meet other students, whilst also having a great time with the friends you’ve already made.

It’s a week away where you don’t have to get up for lectures and uni work is the furthest thought from your mind – but yet you’re still with other students, sharing this crazy experience together and making awesome memories.

tour 01
In previous years, UCB has travelled with ilovetour to Salou in northern Spain. This year though, we are off to Festival Croatia and what makes this one not to be missed is that all the different universities which go on this tour will be staying in the same hotel, all the sports are within walking distance (the rugby team don’t play any rugby in Salou as the bus journey takes nearly two hours to get to the venue) and when you sign up for tour you can actually choose whatever sport you’d like. Beach volleyball, anyone?

Tour basically provides a fun holiday with not only your mates but also loads of others from UCB who might just become some of your closest friends. It’s an experience through the uni that takes you away from the academic routine you’ll have gotten into.

UCB runs so many extra events and opportunities for its students, so there is always something for you, whatever your interests and whatever experience you want to gain. I had an email just this morning from UCB about a weekend trip to Edinburgh at the end of the month and, although it’s not for me, it is another example of the great extra-curricular trips that UCB puts on for the benefit of its students.

Make sure you find out about tour if you’re interested and ask about other opportunities that the uni provides. There’s definitely something out there to suit everyone and make their time at UCB extra special. Who knows – you might just have a great time!

tour 02


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