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Are there ever enough hours in the day?

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With Fresher’s and the first couple of weeks of lectures finished, I now have my weekly schedule worked out for the next few months. Seeing everything I have to do each week down in ink on my calendar is a little scary, but if I can manage it then you can, too. In this post, I’ll list my key priorities and then outline a few of the ways I manage it all…

This is the list of main things I do each week:

  • 3rd year of my degree – two modules (Strategic Management and Development and Innovation in Sport) and my dissertation
  • Three jobs – blogging for the uni, two days a week doing sales support for a utilities company, three shifts a week as a waitress at a restaurant
  • My little business – two classes a week providing indoor rugby training to under 5s
  • Volunteering – two sessions a week coaching rugby at a local club, tons of daily emails and phone calls sorting the fixtures list for the rugby club
  • Netball – weekly training and fixtures for the uni team, weekly fixtures for a local team

This is how I manage it:

  • Keep an up-to-date diary – I carry a hard-copy diary and then also use my phone to set reminders for any one-off events.
  • Keep an assessment calendar – all of my uni assignments get put onto a separate sheet which I keep on my notice board at home. This includes all key dates although, due to my busy schedule, I often set my own completion deadlines before the ones set by uni. This allows me time around my other obligations to ensure my uni work is completed with no last-minute panics.
  • Agree a set work schedule with my employers – this means there aren’t too many changes week-by-week so I can’t get confused and forget where I’m supposed to be!
  • Make sure I have time each week to see my friends and boyfriend – despite how busy I am, I’ll always find time for the important people in my life.
  • Eat and sleep – I definitely don’t get enough sleep and, due to working shifts, my eating habits aren’t completely ideal, but I am a student after all and I’m sure most of us struggle with these important things. On the whole I don’t suffer from this though, and I know my limits so I make the most of my free time (and the time between one activity and the next) by relaxing at home and making excellent use of SkyGo and Netflix!
  • Have hobbies – in a way, volunteering and playing netball are my hobbies, but as these are on my weekly schedule, I try to make time for other activities too. I’ll go and play nine holes on the golf course with my boyfriend, or go to the cinema with friends, or sit and read at home. Making time for different things each week makes my schedule feel more varied and less repetitive so I never get bored, and I feel like I do get down-time from all the things I’m committed to week in, week out.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how you manage your time. I’d love to hear how other people cope with all the pressures and obligations we’re faced with each week as students!


Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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