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First Day of School


I have always loved starting back at school in September, and continuing with my university studies is no different. Getting my new timetable, finding out about my new modules and meeting new lecturers and classmates always puts a spring in my step. And this semester, every one of my classes is in the stunning new McIntyre House campus (I’ll blog another day about how fab this building is), which adds to the fun of it all.


This semester was met with a little apprehension though, as my first class was the dreaded Strategic Management, a.k.a. Strat Man. I can honestly say that from my first day on my degree programme two years ago, I have only heard negative things about this module: how hard it is, how boring it is, how the group work is frustrating and how the exam is tough. It’s a class that is included in a number of degree programmes, not just BA Sports Management, so there’s a lot of people out there every semester who ‘endure’ it.

Having sat through my first two hour lecture for Strat Man yesterday, I can safely say that I actually feel overwhelmingly positive about it. I set up a small business three years ago (one of the reasons which prompted me to come to uni to increase my business and management knowledge) and this module applies to a lot of the challenges I have faced and the aspirations I have for my business and for the marketing career I’d like to go into when I graduate next summer.

I understand all the negativity around Strat Man – it has a lot of content, with some complex but interesting themes, and I imagine there aren’t many people out there who do enjoy exams (I don’t), and yes, group work is always a challenge. However, its relevance to the business world is so precise and in-depth that, despite all the bad things I’ve heard, I am actually really excited about this class and about this semester as a whole.

I suppose, then, my experience highlights that everyone views their course and their classes differently. Don’t listen too much to what others have to say – be open-minded and excited, rather than easily influenced and apprehensive. Each module comes with a Module Delivery Scheme (MDS) which outlines the class topics week by week. Rumour has it that the reading lists on the MDS (found on UCB online) now link directly to the library location or e-book too, which saves so much time and makes reading for each subject a lot easier. The main UCB website also has a brief description of the modules you’ll take during your programme here so make sure you have a good look on there. And also, chat with the lecturers – no-one is better placed to tell you about the module than the people delivering it each week.

Be positive, be excited and have a great semester everyone!

Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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